Friday, October 16, 2009

Tons of Fun in October

I just got in from the International Quilt Festival in Houston....what fun! I had so much fun that I did not take the time to take but a few pictures and I want to share this amazing quilt I saw on display! I absolutely love these colorful flowers on the black and white background. It was sparkling...just dazzling! My pics just don't do it justice and my pic of who made it and about the quilt did not turn out :(
Also here is one picture of when I went to Round Top, Texas to the antique show. Boy, October has been busy for me in trying to keep up with family, work, homework and these two road trips (but oh what fun!) Hope all that got to go to Houston had as much fun as I did and can't wait till next year. With my new purchases, maybe I'll just get a picture posted of a finished project soon LOL. Night all and hope everyone is blessed :) Till next time, Kathy

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cherry fabric brings a smile

I purchased this fabric a couple of months ago along with a pattern for one large log cabin. I absolutely cannot wait to start this project and brighten up my sewing room. I also want to make a banner to hang in both windows. Tomorrow I am heading to Round Top, Texas!!! It's a famous antique show that is twice a year. If you have not ever heard of it.....just google it and plan on a road trip at least once. It's miles and miles and miles of antiques. I don't think you could cover it in a week. This is a very exciting month in two weeks its the International Quilt Festival in Houston at the George R Brown Convenction Center. I am so ready for this show.....Just makes a girl smile :) With all the excitement, I am glad my class this time around is not as fast paced! By the way, I am half finished with the RN to BSN program. After my next five week class, I will be on break until after Christmas. HOOORAYYYY! Many plans for Christmas sewing in the making. Till next time and hope everyone is blessed! Kathy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

I received my first ever PIF gift from Jillian at Jilly's Space. (I could not figure out how to attach her link so you can just click on...); Just look at what she made and sent me!!!!!! I LOVE It!!!!! Everything is just adorable. Just in case you can't see the items well in my pics, it's an adorable bag filled with a sweet pincushion, coasters (that I think I am going to frame for my sewing room wall), a cute cute stuffed heart, cherry fat quarter, eye catching packet of red buttons, and 2 tea bags to enjoy while I have a quite morning rocking on my porch!!!!! THANK YOU JILLIAN!!!! I just bought cherry fabric to make a quilt that is one large log cabin block. Looks pretty easy and plan to work on it Saturday. My sweet gifts are already in my sewing room.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm having withdrawals....

No pictures to post just yet.....My life has been so busy and I don't know where to begin. I know I made a post several months back about going back to school to earn my BSN in Nursing. After all these years of being an RN by Associate degree, I finally made the plunge to go back and earn my BSN. It has taken away most of of my "me" time!!! I really have missed having my time at my sewing machine and especially since it's in my brand new sewing room. Oh wait, my goodness I forgot to post that I actually did get to stitch a little on Sunday night. My daughter is in nursing school and I got to sew her nursing program patch on her uniform top. It was great sit in that chair (if only for a minute). Good news is: I am finishing up in 1 1/2 weeks for a week break and then I'm going to close the kitchen, put up the "Gone Quilting" signs for my family and not come back to reality for a few days. LOL! I had just started blogging when I decided to go back to school, and even though I have not been posting, I'm still looking at what all of you are doing. (with a little envy of course). Hopefully the next class session, I can spare a few minutes every other day to post a little here and there and sit at my machine at least for a little while on Saturdays. Love what you all are creating out there and keep em' helps a girl to smile! Till next time, Kathy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's the pictures!!

I had server problems last night and it went down while uploading the pictures of the quilt show, so my post did not have pics. Here are a few pictures of some of the quilts that I really liked. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Love quilt shows

I just love to go to quilt shows and see all the wonderful quilts. There is so much talent and one day I hope to be just as good. My sister and I had a wonderful time at the last quilt show we attended. I am counting the months until the International Quilt Show in Houston.....Gotta love that one!! It's already marked on my calendar! Hope you enjoy the pictures I'm going to share of some of my favorites.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 UFO's done....but there's more!

This weekend I finished two UFO's and yet I have several more! I started this pattern called Cowboy Days by BlackCat Creations and now just need to fussy cut cowboy fabric. (I have plenty of cowboy, rodeo, cow hide print, hats, boots, ranch fabric.) This was one of the first patterns I purchased when I started teaching myself how to quilt and knew I just had to make it. I started the redwork immediately....but that was a long time ago. I probably should never have tried to do this as one of my 1st projects, but the cowgirl side of me couldn't resist. I'm so excited to have completely finished one UFO this weekend and the other will be sent for quilting in the morning. I have made a deal with myself to finish two more UFO'a these next two weeks before I buy any more fabric. (glad I don't have money on the table on this deal...I would surely lose! LOL. We have a wonderful quilt shop in my town that I love to go in during my lunch. The owner and the ladies that work there are so sweet and have taught me so much. Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Till next time, Kathy

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me and my Janome creating!!

After 5 long weeks, I am back at my Janome...stitching away! Last night I finished binding one of my UFO's and tomorrow will finish the backing of a long time project. I am so embarressed about this, but will tell my story. I started this 2 years ago for my cousin who wanted a memory quilt for her wedding gift. We hung the pieced top at her reception, but I was never happy because it's longer than wide. It's off balance!! I put some borders along the side, and now I'm afraid it really looks bad. Amanda said she didn't care, it's just what she wanted. I feel terrible I've had it this long, but I just hate giving someone something I am unhappy with.....Here are some pics of some of the blocks. Tomorrow after I finish the backing I will post more pics.
Even though I have been away, I still view all the blogs and really enjoy them. Thanks for all your inspiration you share. Till next time, Kathy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Had a Time Out

I had to have a time out from blogging (even though I am a new blogger). I want you all to know I am really really missing it and will be back in 2 1/2 weeks. I am back in school working on my RN to BSN. After 2 1/2 weeks my class load is less and I know I am going to be back. I am looking at my new room and just can't let myself get down and out. I keep telling myself this is only temporary!
BUT......I hit the jackpot. I got a call from one of the girls I used to work with and she said after she moved she went through her sewing items and wanted to give some to me. I was in shock!!! It was 3 rubbermaid containers full of scraps (an applique dream), patterns, books, and about 50 spools of quilting thread that came with her machine. She said she just doesn't like to quilt.....she usually makes clothes. I was speechless and can't wait to get busy. Pictures will come soon...I actually have some blocks I finished before I enrolled in classes.
Wish me luck.....I have to not even look at my new sewing room for a couple of more weeks & then I know I can spend some "me time" ..... creating! I have really missed you guys and still take a sneak peak at your blogs even though I have not posted anything! Till next time, Kathryn!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pay It Forward....Come & join me!!!!

I joined Pay if Forward with
The idea is PIF occurs when acts of kindness is done without expecting anything in return & passed on, trusting that the recpients will do the same & PIF. this is a never ending chain of kindness.
By signing on, my commitment is to make the 1st three friends who post a comment to this post requesting to join this exchange & promise to PIF to 3 other persons & so on. My gifts will be made by me & I will send it to you within 365 days. You will need to annonce your commitment on YOUR blog.

Now I need 3 recepients....Come on and joing me and Pay It Forward!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to see who joins in the fun :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picture Problems

....okay don't know what happened to the other pics that were intended to be on the earlier post. Going to try this again.

Here it Comes.....

My sewing room is finally finished...all but the wall decorations & making the curtains. Today I learned how to add the blogs that I follow to my blog (finally!).
When I logged on tonight I found out that I won the 100th post give-away over at Rosebud Quilts.....HOORAY! I am so excited & cannot wait to see my fat quarter collection. Hmmm now what will I make???

I also want to mention I joined in my very 1st pay if forward....The 1st three followers will get a special something that I make over the next year. My first follwer that gets a give will be Millie! I am still waiting for my next come on down!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Mothers Day. I am truly blessed with 3 great kids and sweet mama. It was a beautiful day.

Till next time & enjoy my pics of my new sewing room.....I love my hubby for creating this room especially for me. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

My studio update

My sewing room is coming along....I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be this weekend. We painted the trim on Saturday & put it in on Sunday. The last coats of paint were done on my cutting table & shelves, so they are ready.
I joined my very first pay if forward over at Jilly's Space....except now I don't know how to put the pif icon over on my blog. I think I need to go back & read e-how on blogging...LOL. I told Jill this is when my mama would tell me to be patient!
This is going to be a long terrible week at work and I really want to stay home & sew! Tonight I worked on borders; this quilt will be finished by Saturday (it's my goal). Till next time, Kathy

Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on my new sewing very own space!

My sewing room is just a hair from being ready to move in. My DH is painting last coats of paint on the cabinets & cutting table. I am working on my curtains.....they are red, yellow & light green with cherries in the that cherry fabric. Today went to Jean's Fabric & bought more fabric so I can catch up the BOM over at Bunny Hill's blog. I still need to do April's and I cannot is sooo cute. I am really enjoying everyone's blog; been blogging since before Christmas & finally sat down and made my own. Now if I can just get everything figured out. There are so many bookmarked in my favorites, so I just gotta figure out how to list them as blogs I follow.
This weekend I plan to work on two long overdue UFO's that I really really really need to get finished. (just need to bind one and put the borders on one and sent to the machine quilter)!!
Once I will post the pictures of the one that needs binding and the other to follow on another blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay I still need a name for my sewing room/studio?? Hopefully we will finish it this weekend so I can start moving my tons and tons of fabric in. Right now I keep the majority of my fabric in a coat closet in my entrance. I bought shelves at Lowe's & bins at the dollar store. It worked....but the bins on both ends have shadows on the fabric is hard to see. I can hardly wait until I have all that space....:) :) :)
Hopefully soon I will get some pics posted; that is if I ever figure this blogging out. I am having trouble listing the blogs that I follow. For MONTHS I have been following blogs by adding them to "favorites" I want to put them on my blog as those I like to follow.

Until next time....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Very Own Sewing Room/Studio.. Help me Name it...

I'm getting my very own space to quilt/sew/ create!! It's just about finished. My sweet hubby is making the cabinets and cutting table. I am so excited to finally have a place to call my own. In 2008 we had our home up for sale & I could not pull my project out without having to clean it all up in case we had a about a pity party! We decided not to sale our home and I got a studio....I have taken pics & will post them soon (when I figure out blogging...LOL). We have a cattle company and behind our home is a barn....there was this woodshop room that we never use, so I convinced my hubby I needed it. That's how it all began and he actually has put a lot of time into my project. I spent a lot of time looking at different blogs with pics of sewing rooms and studios. Thanks to all of you for sharing your pics!!

I chose a soft green for the walls, all furniture is white & the carpet is light beige. I am making curtains with cherry fabric with soft green, red & yellows!! I just need to decide on what to call my very own space....any ideas? It's in the barn...It's theme is cherries...I love the cottage look decorated with cherries... Everywhere else in my home is western decor...goes with the ranch!

I would love to have your ideas of a name for my cheery little cherry decorated sewing room/studio.

Until next time,