Thursday, June 4, 2009

Had a Time Out

I had to have a time out from blogging (even though I am a new blogger). I want you all to know I am really really missing it and will be back in 2 1/2 weeks. I am back in school working on my RN to BSN. After 2 1/2 weeks my class load is less and I know I am going to be back. I am looking at my new room and just can't let myself get down and out. I keep telling myself this is only temporary!
BUT......I hit the jackpot. I got a call from one of the girls I used to work with and she said after she moved she went through her sewing items and wanted to give some to me. I was in shock!!! It was 3 rubbermaid containers full of scraps (an applique dream), patterns, books, and about 50 spools of quilting thread that came with her machine. She said she just doesn't like to quilt.....she usually makes clothes. I was speechless and can't wait to get busy. Pictures will come soon...I actually have some blocks I finished before I enrolled in classes.
Wish me luck.....I have to not even look at my new sewing room for a couple of more weeks & then I know I can spend some "me time" ..... creating! I have really missed you guys and still take a sneak peak at your blogs even though I have not posted anything! Till next time, Kathryn!


  1. WOW, what a great suprise from you friend. Wish I had a friend like that. haha Good luck with your classes. I just finished some Pharmacy classes and will start back up again in July. Enjoying the break right now.

  2. Thanks so much Tonya.....Hope you get to stay busy creating on your break. In two weeks my life will be easier with classes. My load cuts in half. Cannot wait!

  3. Hi Kathy, I was wondering where you went!! Glad you will be back at it soon :o)
    Lucky friend you have, wow! I am going to spend a week with my Aunt and I am hoping she is going to be a bit generous with her fabric, she has loads!!!
    My email address is

  4. Kathy--I remember you! I am so proud of you and your blog. It is great!! I wanted to come over and visit with you and tell you how much I appreciate your encouraging words. Maybe I just needed a break, who knows. Lots going on in my life--changes that I just have to get use to. But I do enjoy blogging, it just takes alot of time to keep it up.

    BTW--I think you pic should show up automatically. When I followed your blog a box came up and ask me my Goodle account user name and password and then my profile pic appeared. Maybe it was just a glitch.
    Hey--thanks and I promise another Sunbonnet Sue post is in the making and will be posted soon.