Friday, June 26, 2009

Me and my Janome creating!!

After 5 long weeks, I am back at my Janome...stitching away! Last night I finished binding one of my UFO's and tomorrow will finish the backing of a long time project. I am so embarressed about this, but will tell my story. I started this 2 years ago for my cousin who wanted a memory quilt for her wedding gift. We hung the pieced top at her reception, but I was never happy because it's longer than wide. It's off balance!! I put some borders along the side, and now I'm afraid it really looks bad. Amanda said she didn't care, it's just what she wanted. I feel terrible I've had it this long, but I just hate giving someone something I am unhappy with.....Here are some pics of some of the blocks. Tomorrow after I finish the backing I will post more pics.
Even though I have been away, I still view all the blogs and really enjoy them. Thanks for all your inspiration you share. Till next time, Kathy


  1. can't wait to see the finish product. it looks great so far, i love what you've done on each block

  2. Kathy-Thanks for your comment on my blog and your very own studio for sewing, wow you are very lucky. Happy quilting.