Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love me some antiques....

My last post which was way too long ago I showed you my treasures from my Granny's sewing room....well I happened to be at a little resale shop in my home town and stumbled across this old toy sewing machine.  Since I love antiques and I happen to LOVE the color red I couldn't resist!!!  My sister asked me to go shopping this weekend and I actually said no way.....I have the itch to stitch! My blogging habits are not as well as some of the great blogs I follow, but just so you know, if I'm not posting everyday, I'm peeking in at yours everyday :)
Since we're not freezing here in Texas, I plan to spend the day in my studio Saturday! Mind you, my studio has heat, but it was just walking across the yard to get there....If I haven't said this in the past, I wish I could work part time and sew full time. Oh the things I would have time to make......Till next time, Kathy


  1. I love your antique too! and I so get the work part-time thing...I just wrote about that yesterday! I would sew all day if I could. It's just too much fun!
    Love your blog...very cute.

  2. Love any antique machine. I have a Singer 221 featherweight and adore it!