Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet and Sassy at 103

This sweet and sassy woman is my hubby's Nana and she REALLY is 103.  We had a sweet birthday party with all of the is good when we all get together!  Nana kept all of our kids, taught them how to crochet, sew, cook and play cards before they started school.  She taught them when they played boardgames it wasn't nice to make them go back "home" (like Sorry or Wahoo) and if you argued about sending them home they had to put the game away!  Before the awful Rheumatoid attached her hands, she would crochet all us granddaughters (in-law granddaughter included) pot holders, made us all a nut cake for Christmas and made patterns for clothes out of newspaper.  She calls everyone in the family by a nickname and cooked Sunday dinner up until 10 years ago for at least 30 people.  It was always fried chicken, dressing, beans, rolls and home made desserts.....Funny part of that when I would tell her, "Nana we won't be here next Sunday, we're going to my mother's for dinner."  She would reply, "Dollie (that's what she calls me) your mama knows there are six other days she can cook dinner.  She knows I cook dinner on Sunday."  Yes we would stand Nana up and go to my parents from time to time for Sunday dinner but it wasn't without a little scold from her.   Nana made my mama some of the potholders and my mama still uses them.  This woman is an amazing woman and I am thankful   for the 28 years I've known her.  She has been such an inspiration to me!  I am an ER nurse and I see what age does to people.  God has been so good to her.
Tomorrow I plan working on some projects going on in the studio and hope to show some pics soon! My daughter asked me to make a ring bearer pillow for her wedding and I'm so excited to do this!  I also am covering a cork board for my sewing room...its red and white polka dots!  Stay tuned, pictures on the way soon!  Till next time, Kathy


  1. Happy birthday to your granny. she is an inspiring lady.
    Good luck on your ring bear pillow. I made two a few weeks ago (I blogged it). Next weekend is my daughter's wedding. Today is my BFF's daughters wedding, so I get a practice run.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Give Nana a big gentle hug and wish her Happy Birthday! She sounds like a wonderful lady and so blessed.

  3. I love your Nanna-I-L too - she sounds like a lovely lady to know. I wish her a blissful birthday surrounded by family.