Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things I adore.....

When I was a little girl, I would sit at a card table with my Granny and we would make all kinds of crafts.  She made quilts for all of us grandkids, of course all by hand.  She tried to teach me to sew and other needle crafts, but I couldn't get the hang of it...she was a lefty and I'm a righty! I spent hours at a time making dolls, beadwork, and Christmas ornaments.  I remember playing in her compartments of beads, sequins, and paints.  She passed away in 2005.  My parents still have her old farmhouse and from time to time me and my sister all get together there.  My mama has tried and tried to get me to take some of her things to my house and I finally felt like it was okay and my Granny would want me to have them.  I am displaying some of her things in my sewing room and want to share my treasures with you.  I filled these jars with old buttons, cards of needles, clothes pins, wooden spools and some beads.  The green plastic sewing box is one of many she had and I love her old pin cushion and her thimbles  The wooden case shaped like chapstick is a needle box.  The embroidery work was what she was working on when she had her stroke.  My mom wants me to finish it, but I think I will leave it just as she left it.  Also my parents wanted me to have her old singer pedal foot sewing machine that still works, but I didn't have the room to bring it home yet.  I will always cherish my memories of our good times shared and now when I am sitting in my sewing chair, a part of her is sitting there with me.  Until next time, Kathy.


  1. Beautiful items..I can see why you love them!

  2. Kathy we have memories of our Granny's showing and teaching us that are so special locked in our hearts. It's a treasure that you have some of her items.

  3. I love the old jars with treasures-reminds me of my Grandma.