Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giggles and Fussing in my sewing room

When I was self teaching myself to quilt back in 2003 I purchased this pattern thinking it would be easy!  It was going to be my very first quilt.  Little did I know that it was going to overwhelm me so much that it would end up in a box.  I loved doing the embroidery, but when I started making the flying geese.....WOW!  Thinking back, I have to laugh.  I didn't even know the little simple looking triangles around the embroidered blocks were called flying geese.  I made myself finish the not so simple "geese" and attach them to the block, but I knew I was done for while.  Okay, I knew I wanted to make a quilt so I headed back to my favorite quilt shop and decided to talk to them.  Instead of a large project, they encouraged me to start small.  Boy am I glad I listened.  I joined a class and made my first quilt....The Yellow Brick Road.  For anyone beginning, that is a perfect project!  So yesterday, I pulled out the box and ready to finish my very first quilt that I started! Funny thing is, I giggled out loud in my sewing room.  I had forgotten how much western fabric I purchased since 2003 with always this quilt in mind.  I'm cutting 250 (4 1/2") squares!!!!  Fussy cutting is actually pretty fun, getting the perfect motif cut!  Little did I know back then I had already finished the hardest part.  I plan to make it larger than the pattern, to fit a King size bed.....MY BED!!! Yes, my bed.  Our life in the country is just what it is.  We have cows and hey my sewing room in actually in the barn!  With so much western fabric, my brain is in overload with the endless possibilities.  I'm thinking matching Shams, throw pillows, a table runner and maybe even curtains that match!!!!  So I'm giggling as I'm fussy cutting and so excited to work on the project that first caught my eye!

For an update on my last post:  My daughter is doing better, but it has been an emotional roller coaster.  My heart hurts for her and it is the worst feeling in the world, not being able to take her pain and sadness away.  It is a good day when she smiles and her sweet laugh fills our home.  She is a beautiful girl on the inside and out and I know God has something wonderful in store for her.  Please keep her and my family in your prayers.

Till next time, Kathy

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