Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quilt finishes coming soon.......

I have busy in my studio and loving every minute of it. I have had some UFO's sitting on the shelf just waiting for either binding, piecing, or sashing....and I'm just about done with a couple. Pictures coming soon! A couple of years a go I bought a Halloween wallhanging at the Houston International Quilt Festival and right off the bat, I cut the fabric wrong! How many of you guys do that??? I was so frustrated....but did what I do best: Make it work!!!! (I think it's the nurse in me, hehehe) All kidding aside, I found a piece of fabric in my stash that will work. Hope to have some pictures posted by this weekend.
Speaking of Houston....It's just around the corner and it's shop, look, be inspired, and learn.
Another thing that's going on around the house, my hubby is building me a dining room table. I took my first sneak peak yesterday and I am loving it. We have cattle, live in the country and so needless to say, my home is rustic. He designed a round table with a Texas star in the middle and I think he is amazing! My sewing studio is outside at the cattle barn and just next to my own space is his wood shop. We've been hanging out at the barn! Just touching the fabric gives me a happy feeling! Well, that's what is going on in my busy life right now.....just sewing and having fun! Till next time, Kathy

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